Maison Tardieu Laurent - Côte Rôtie

Fashionable Wine ! All crispness, finesse, and aromatic distinction…


The vintage
Strange and paradoxical… This vintage has reserved us quite a few surprises, and
still raises questions. Although described as « Great » by some Vignerons, its strong
heterogeneity, depending on the sectors, imposes us to be attentive, measured, though hopeful.
2018 : the vegetative cycle is early. Spring sees generous rains and heat strokes
alternate. According to “Elders”, from memory one has to get back to the 60’ to observe such pressure of diseases in the vineyard. And, unfortunately for some Domaines, the processing windows would, in the main, only open at the week-ends… The vintage therefore promises to be technically complicated, demanding meticulous, tedious, even relentless work, in the vineyards. Damage and losses vary… but yields on Grenache are historically low… Providentially, once again, we could count on Mother Nature’s final “nudge” ! Without hesitation we can assert that the quality of the remaining grapes, the quality of their juice, is mainly due to a brilliant month of September.
Indeed, the weather conditions during the harvest were almost perfect. Cool but sunny weather, with well-marked, valued, thermal amplitudes… The Vigneron was able to choose in all serenity the ideal moment to harvest, plot of land by plot of land, without having to operate any constrained arbitration…
Rochains, Côte de Rozier, Montmains, Le Plomb, Semons.
12 months in new and one vintage barrels. Then 8 months in foudre. Tronçais et Allier.
1/3 non destemmed.
Serine, Syrah : 100%
Alcohol content: 13,5% ABV
Bottling: Without fining and filtration.
Age of vines: more than 40 years years old


Decant 2 hours before tasting.
Fashionable Wine ! All crispness, finesse, and aromatic distinction…


"An immediately enticing nose, with intense crispy bacon notes, ripe blackberry and toasted spices. Medium-bodied despite its intense concentration, the acidity isn't terribly high, but it does feel balanced. Very ripe, pliable tannins, this is a rich, potent, concentrated style. Plush and seductive."

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