Maison Tardieu Laurent - Hermitage

Class and nobility : the very definition of the Wine of this superlative Terroir, in a Great Vintage.


The vintage
Like 1991 coming after 1990, this Great Vintage - as this is a Great
Vintage - may go somewhat unnoticed, after the celebrated 2015,
and in the shade of its dazzling southern cousin...
A certain heterogeneity amongst Red Wines, a gorgeous aromatic definition in the white Wines. All Northern wines will not necessarily be successful this year. The harvest was generous. Sometimes even a little too generous. The quality of some cuvées undeniably suffered, on some sectors. However, and as always, the “reasonable and serious” Vignerons produced superbly colorful, stylish, and mineral Wines, which ranks this 2016 Vintage in the elite of the successful Vintages. with full, juicy, and silkiest Wines !
Rouméas, Pierrelles, les Diognères.
Nature des sols
Clayey granitic.
12 months in new and one old barrels. Then 10 months in foudre. Allier-Tronçais-Jupille
Technical specifications
Age of vines: 60 years. ans
Alcohol level (% vol.): 13,5% % vol.
Mise en bouteille: Without fining and filtration

Tasting advices

Serving tips
Decant 1 hour before service.

Reviews and Awards

"Mid crimson. Savoury with mid concentration. Not quite as compelling as the Côte Rôtie, though admittedly much more youthful. A solid effort – and Hermitage is meant to be nothing if not solid. Not entrancing but a true rendition of the appellation. Fresh on the finish but it seems less ambitious than some others within their appellations."

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