Maison Tardieu Laurent - Bandol

A Wine which displays sturdy frame and sensible build. Notes of tobacco and under-growth.


The vintage
A Vintage shaped for Grenache, in the first place. Intense, engaging, deep colors… Bright fruit, striking structures, with a singular quality of the tannin... And the more unreal, as this is the most unlikely feature in this table, the pH… pH which is astonishingly low...
All in all, 2016 solves the problem of squaring the circle in the world of wine ! Wines which are “easy”, absolutely delicious to drink young, fresh, yet with a structure, a fleshiness, a balance, which promise them an unprecedented destiny…
Le Castellet.
Nature des sols
Limestone-clay soils.
24 months in one and two vintages old barrels. Allier and Tronçais.
Mourvèdre : 95%
Grenache : 5%
Technical specifications
Age of vines: Over 50 years. ans
Alcohol content: 14% % vol.
Mise en bouteille: Without fining and filtration.

Tasting advices

Decant 2 hours before you serve.

Reviews and Awards

"Very deep purplish crimson. Not very expressive at the moment; the nose is almost raw! But it is intensely focused. So ambitious ... this isn’t a relaxed lie on a sunbed in Provence but a muscular athlete training in a gym. Very savoury – meat and two veg."

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